Thursday, September 18, 2014
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Linux Recipes for Oracle DBAs by Charles Kim

Linux Recipes for Oracle DBAs written by authors, Darl Kuhn, Charles Kim, and Bernard Lopuz, is a comprehensive example based book on managing Oracle Databases in a Linux environment. The book is written by DBAs for DBAis who live in the Red Hat and/or Oracle Enterprise Linux space. Takes you directly from problem to solution Covers the right mix of Linux user and administration tasks for database administrators Respects your time by being succinct and to the point Execute Linux commands applicable to Oracle Database administration. Write shell scripts to automate critical DBA tasks. Monitor, tune, and optimize a Linux server to run Oracle Database. Perform Linux system administration tasks relevant to Oracle Database. Implement Oracle RAC on Linux. Implement Oracle ASM on Linux. Remotely (and securely!) manage Oracle on Linux. Who is this book for? Linux Recipes for Oracle DBAs is a book for Oracle database administrators who want to expertly operate Oracle databases on the Linux operating system. If you're new to Linux, or are migrating from a Unix platform, or just want detailed solutions for tasks that Oracle DBAs perform on Linux servers, this book is for you.

Charles Kim
Written on Monday, 27 July 2009 21:39 by Charles Kim

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